7.8.1 Build wing crate trolley

I’ve got a pile of timber left over from dismantling the wing stand so I decided to use that to build the wing crate. I’ll be adding castors to my crate so from here on in I’ll call it a wing trolley.

Nothing particularly challenging tonight just follow the plans that Van’s give you…

First I made a cardboard template of the wing leading edge profile. Then I cut that out of the plywood using a jigsaw.

Then I cut several lengths of 2×4 to size using the chopsaw.

Once that was done I started assembling everything together as instructed. Finally I deviated from the drawings and tipped the trolley onto its size and fitted some 2×6 boards as base plates. I fitted 4″ castors to the base plates so I can transport the wings more easily.

Next I cut a carpet tile into 18mm strips and glued it to the surfaces that will contact the wings. I also used some duck tape to hold the carpet in place.

It’s done! It sure makes a nice change from all that metal work. I’ll have to wait for an unsuspecting visitor to pop over before I can put the wings in the trolley as I can’t (and won’t) lift the wings on my own. 😋

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