7.7.58 Another leak found and fixed in left fuel tank

Just before heading off to work today I thought I’d pop up and check on the left fuel tank pressure and see if it was holding pressure. I turned on the manometer to find, to my dismay, that the pressure had dropped to 0.4 PSI. I was gutted. Is this tank jinxed or what?!

I inflated the tank back to 1 PSI and did the soap water test. I was fully expecting the previous fix to have not worked but it seemed to be holding well. So I used the soap water test to check around all the other rivets. Then I spotted it…

Grr, so frustrating! I quickly dried the tank and applied the vacuum again. I mixed up some Class B tank sealant and dabbed it all over the rivet head. I then used a lollipop stick to force the sealant in and around the rivet as much as I could. Once that was done I returned the vacuum to 1 PSI and left the tank for a few hours.

I popped back at lunch time and released the vacuum pressure so that the sealant that had wicked would set where it seeped in around the rivet. That’s it for today, now I need to leave the sealant to cure and test again. Fingers crossed.

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