7.7.46 Water test the right fuel tank

A quick thought occurred to me earlier, my inspection is imminent but I haven’t checked my right tank using the water test. So a quick dart up to the workshop and I put the right tank in the cradle then filled it with water.

The last time I tested the capacitive plates while emptying them, this time I thought I’d test them while I was filling them…

Once the tank was as full of water as I dare do I then made a mental note of the settled water level and checked for obvious and chatastriphic leaks. Nothing glaring so I let it settle for a few minutes more.

After a few minutes I felt all around the tank for any signs of water. None so far. I also carefully inspected inside looking for the tiniest of air bubbles. There were a handful but they all seemed static. If there was a leak I would expect more bubbles or expanding bubbles. Again nothing obvious.

OK, that’s it for today. I’ll leave the tank overnight and check the water level tomorrow. If the level is the same as I left it we’re good to go closing the tank. If not at least I’ll know where a leak is before closing the tank permanently.

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