7.7.46 & 8.5 Another water test and some wing work

The sealant on the right fuel tank has had plenty of time to cure so I decided to fill the tank with tap water again and run another leak test. Fingers crossed the BNC connector holds up this time with no leaks. We’ll find out tomorrow night.

After that I ran the debur tool in the rear spar dimple holes as per the instructions. Apparently this helps the skin sit a little nicer when riveted. It was only a light touch but it still took the primer out of the dimple.

Next I needed to prime the holes that I countersunk yesterday. First I masked up the wing and then shot it with U-pol Acid #8 etch primer from a rattle can. It was only a light dusting aimed at adding a thin layer of corrosion protection to the bare countersunk holes.

Another step that I got done tonight was to remove the blue vinyl from the left wing skins. I used a wooden pole to peel away the vinyl. Even with the pole it still took some serious effort to remove all the vinyl. It’s so much easier to remove in the summer when the vinyl is warmer and glue is softer.

I was starting to get hungry so I quickly countersunk one row of holes on the right wing main spar. Three rows left to do another night.

That’s it! Lights out, it’s belly filling time!

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