7.7.24 – 26 Drill & debur access plates

Now that the fuel tank end ribs have a large hole in them I cleaned up the edges by deburing them and lightly sanding them. I located the stiffener rings and offered them up to the holes. I was really pleased with the fit.

I then marked up the hole locations as I didn’t want the rivets for the nutplates to interfere with the tooling hole. I needed to rotate the stiffener ring slightly to avoid too much interference, but no so much as it would impact the siting of the fuel pickup tube. I finally settled on this which was just enough for edge margins…

Once that was done I fired up the compressor to start drilling when there was an almighty bang! The inline oiler exploded! Doh!

That made this session interesting! I removed what was left of the oiler and replumbed the airline. Now that I have air (!) I was able to get started on drilling the access plate covers.

I repeated that process on the other rib and then marked up all the parts.

By the end of the session the left & right ribs, stiffener rings and access plates were all done.

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