7.11.3 Started large pushrods

The plans are very specific about the length that the large pushrods need to be cut to – 65″ 25/32. Problem is my tape measure doesn’t show 32nds at that length. It’s not a big problem as I marked between 65″, 12/16 and 13/16. I then used the (calibrated) chopsaw to make the cuts.

Once the cuts were done the drawing says to drill 6 holes in the tube with the rod ends in place. It doesn’t give measurements for the spacing so I assumed equal distance apart. I would have to repeat the measurements and drill three more times for the other end of the rod and the other rod. So for this reason I decided to make another tool.

I found a scrap piece of thin aluminium (0.020 I think) and cut it into a thin strip. I rolled it around a broom handle until it was perfectly round and then test fitted it to the outside of the tube. I trimmed the strip so that it was a perfect fit. Next I marked 1/4″ from the edge for the screw holes as that is where they need to align on the rod ends. Finally I clamped the strip to the rod (without the rod end) and drilled 6 evenly spaced holes. Perfect. I have now have a tool I can use for all the other holes. I then marked 1/4″ on the rod end and fitted that into the rod until I saw the mark and match drilled.

This whole episode took a lot longer than I had planned but at least it was accurate and I’m delighted with the result.

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