7.11.3 Assemble push rods & meet with Inspector

The primer inside the push rods was almost dry which is exactly how I wanted it for fitting of the rod ends. I gently inserted the rod ends and then blind riveted the rod ends in place as per the plans.

Next up I riveted the small push rods too. I looked in my storage unit for the rod end bearings and there they were, right next to the perfectly sized reinforcement plates I was looking for this morning, DOH!!! After a major head slap, I screwed on the rod end bearings and adjusted everything to the correct length while making sure that the gaps at each end were equal. The only place I could think of to put them where I wouldn’t lose them was fitted to the wing where they belong.

My inspector also popped by today while I was working on the rods to check on progress and to discuss a few concerns I had. It was great to see him and catch up. I felt a lot better after his visit and excited to carry on.

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