7.8.17 & 7.11.3 Glue conduit and start on push rods

The corrugated conduit that runs through the wings for wing tip wiring needs to be glued into place using RTV sealant or tank sealant to protect it from vibration. I chose to use tank sealant as I still have half a tin left. So back at mixing some sealant…

And then neatly(ish) filleted sealant around the conduit where it meets the rib.

Next I started on the push rods. I wanted as true a square cut as possible so I used a square on the chop saw to check it was true in both horizontal and vertical. I’m glad I checked because it was way out!

I then located the small steel rod and checked the plans like a million times and then once more for luck. I used two different tape measures for cross check accuracy too. Finally, I plucked up the courage and made the cut on both rods.

Next, I marked the points at which I needed to drill holes for the rivets and fitted the rod ends. IĀ popped it into the rod drill jig and drilled it with the drill press on real slow.

Finally, I marked, disassembled and deburred everything ready to prime the inside of the part.

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